Employees Are Re-thinking Their Career Paths

  • Jul 9, 2021

Employees Are Rethinking Their Career Paths – What You Can Do to Keep Your Staff Happy


According to Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey, 87% of those working remotely during the pandemic would prefer to continue working remotely at least one day a week, while  68% say a hybrid workplace model is ideal.


There’s no question, the face of the American workplace has forever changed. While being thrust into a remote work arrangement seemingly overnight was an adjustment for many 15 months ago, it has since become a new way of life. As employers are opening back up and welcoming (requiring) workers back into the physical workspace, many employees are rethinking their career paths and exploring other opportunities.


Here’s more of what the survey found:

·       42% say if their employer does not continue to offer remote work options long term, they’ll pursue a job somewhere that will.

·       26% plan to look for a new job when the pandemic subsides.

·       Of those who plan to switch jobs, most are concerned about their career growth (80%) and are rethinking their skill sets (72%).


In other words, now is not the time to get complacent with employees—just the opposite. If you want to retain your workforce long-term, you may need to up your game to show them that you appreciate their work, care about their wellbeing, value their contributions and support their career growth.


As you make the transition to a post-pandemic workplace—in whatever form that takes for your organization—here are some tactics you can adopt to create a positive work environment:


·       Be transparent about opportunities for career advancement: Talk to your employees about what they want and where they want to go. Then engage in an open dialogue about how they can get there. If their aspirations are not in line with your organization, be upfront about it. Discuss alternate paths to help them achieve their career goals and share how you intend to help them in pursuit of those goals.  


·       Reward employees for a job well done: Do you reward your employees for their achievements and successes? If not, this is the perfect time to start. Rewarding employees for a job well done not only shows them that what they do matters, it’s also been proven to improve engagement, boost productivity and compel workers to go above and beyond to do great work. Consider instituting a rewards program that awards points to employees for certain achievements. Offer a range of prizes—from a smartphone case or an insulated water bottle to a Peloton or a trip—to accommodate a range of points allocations.


·       Offer training programs and enrichment opportunities: Many people are rethinking their skill sets, as noted above. They want to tap into new talents, enrich their knowledge base and add more value in the jobs they perform. You can help them satiate that need by offering in-office training or sending them to professional development seminars and classes. Supplement those bigger professional development initiatives with smaller (but equally effective) enrichment programs. For example, you might order a book for every employee on a topic such as growth, gratitude or goals-setting, and include a handwritten motivational note from the CEO. By making your employees’ professional development a priority, you’ll not only meet their need for career growth, you’ll also boost their collective skill set, strengthen their EQ and, ultimately, better support your business goals.


·       Be a coach, not a boss: A coach and a boss serve two different purposes. A coach employs a transformational leadership style, considering the workers’ needs, professional development, motivation and overall satisfaction. A boss is more transactional, favoring a strong top-down approach to doling out duties and direction. By creating a coaching environment for your team, you’ll foster strong employee self-awareness, facilitate greater clarity in goals and objectives and drive higher engagement—all of which will contribute to long-term employee loyalty.



In today’s modern, post-pandemic workplace, the reality is if you don’t create an appealing work environment for your staff, another business will!


We can help!

At Clearly Branded, our goal is to help you make the post-pandemic transition easier on you and your employees. Need help with a rewards program? We’ve got you covered. We’ll create an internal website, stock the “store” and manage the program while your employees reap the rewards of being rewarded! Need ideas for books that inspire to distribute to your staff? No problem. We’ve worked with many businesses on creative programs like these designed to energize, motivate—and, ultimately, keep—their employees. Let’s brainstorm together.

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