Five Creative and Easy Ways to Make Your Company More Sustainable

  • Sep 8, 2021

In today’s environmentally conscious world, more businesses are embracing sustainability practices that support the community and the environment—and for good reason. According to a report published in Environmental Sustainability, by 2050, human activity is expected to produce 27 billion tons of solid waste, while rising greenhouse gas emissions are on pace to contribute to a temperature increase of 02 °C.*


If you’re like most, you are well aware of the impact your business can have on the environment—and you probably even have initiatives and programs in place to support the cause. But is there more you can be doing?


Below are five creative ways you can make your company more sustainable that you probably haven’t thought of:


1.     Leverage team building: As you plan your next team-building event, consider a sustainability focus. There are several fun ways to do this. Ask employees to go through their homes to find old, discarded, or recycled materials that can be repurposed or upcycled, then challenge them to come together to create something new. For a more structured activity, you might organize a roadside clean-up day, a clothing drive, or a recycling bin collection program.


2.     Host zero waste client events: The zero-waste movement is gaining traction in recent years. At its core, the goal of zero waste is to avoid sending any waste to landfills, incinerators, or the ocean. With a zero-waste event, you aim to reduce or eliminate the production of waste and limit the use of raw materials created for the event. Waste Management is leading the charge when it comes to zero-waste events. Since 2013, all waste generated from Waste Management golf tournaments has either been recycled, composted, donated, reused, or used to create energy.  Not only can a zero-waste event directly impact the environment, it also offers a great PR opportunity and demonstrates a business’s commitment to sustainability.


3.     Host an employee contest: Everyone loves a little healthy competition. Make sustainability fun by tapping employees’ competitive side. Host a contest where you encourage employees to come up with a creative sustainability initiative for the company. This would both promote engagement in your company’s sustainability program and educate employees in the process. Another spin on a staff contest would be more of a collective endeavor whereby everyone receives a prize if the company meets a particular sustainability goal (e.g., reduce energy consumption by 25%).


4.     Make charitable contributions: One of the best ways to contribute to a more sustainable future is to support non-profits that champion sustainability issues. Consider donating a portion of your earnings to environmental organizations, such as Environmental Working Group, Rainforest Alliance, or even local causes. Get employees involved by organizing team volunteer outings or offering paid time off to those who volunteer their time to support an environmental non-profit of their choice.


5.     Practice sustainable gift-giving: Despite the common perception, purchasing promotional items for employees, customers, or partners doesn’t have to be wasteful. Sustainable gift-giving is growing in popularity as more manufacturers focus their efforts on producing environmentally responsible goods. In the interest of consuming less and reducing waste, consider purchasing gifts that protect or even give back to the earth—reusable items or those made from eco-friendly, recycled, or locally sourced materials, for example. Ideas include stainless steel water bottles or straws, bamboo mobile device holders, biodegradable planter kits, eco-friendly candles made of sustainable plant-based wax, and more. More than reducing your impact on the environment, practicing promotional gift-giving will position your business as a brand that cares about sustainability and the world around you.


Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s a way of life for many. Even the smallest changes can have a significant impact. We partner with businesses every day to develop creative ideas that support sustainability through promotional products, trade show giveaways, and corporate gifts. Contact us here to brainstorm ideas that will help you make a statement with your employees, customers, and partners in support of your sustainability goals.





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